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Beehive Stands with Folding Adjustable Height Legs

Beehive Stands with Folding Adjustable Height Legs

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Tired of junky looking cinder blocks or boards holding up your beehive? Boy do we have the solution for you!

Here is why these hive stands are awesome:

1. Heavy duty hand built in the USA from steel

2. Tool free folding legs for compact hauling to wherever your hives are

3. Adjustable leg height so you can make sure your hives are exactly level

4. The feet plates have holes in them so you can stake them down to the ground to keep your boxes planted in severe weather

These hive stands are designed and built at our shop in Kansas City to fit the Langstroth style 10 Frame hive. Skip the plastic stands from overseas and get some that can be handed down for generations. 

We originally built a couple of these for some friends and they liked them so much they ordered 12 more! So now we are offering them as a product here. 

This product is currently built to order so expect 3-4 weeks lead time before shipping (think fresh like a cheeseburger :D )



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