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French Cleat Whiteboard Mounts with Marker Holder

French Cleat Whiteboard Mounts with Marker Holder

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Welcome to the one and only existing (that we know of) French cleat based white board bracket system. They will hang on any 3/4" thick material that has a 45* angle cut into the top.

We developed a bracket system that takes any common 1/8" white marker board material typically found in stock at most hardware stores and converts it into a usable and mobile whiteboard solution.

And why should I care???? If you are anything like us, ideas hit you at random times and you need a whiteboard close by to write them down. If your whiteboard is permanently mounted to the wall behind a bunch of junk piled up then it isn't very useful.

The awesome part about using 1/8" marker board is that it can be bought in 4x8 or 32"x48" sizes already cut. Some hardware stores even carry boards with a white board on one side and chalk board on the other. If those sizes aren't to your liking, you can cut it to any size you want and still use our brakets to hang it.

Checked the price of any large pre-made white board lately? a 4x8 sheet whiteboard with frame will cost at least $108 + insane shipping or ordering through a store. Or for just the cost of these brackets plus ~$20 at any hardware store for a 4x8 sheet of marker board, you can be on your way.

One kit contains enough brackets and a marker holder for a 4'x4' sized marker board or less. Want to hang a full 8' marker board? just order two kits and you will be good to go AND you will have a couple extra brackets in case you ever decide to turn it into two 4x4 white boards in the future.

Each package comes with: 7 brackets, 7 screws, 1 white board marker holder, felt pads (so the brackets don't scuff the wall)



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