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Toyota MR2 MK1 Lug Nut Caps - 4 Pack

Toyota MR2 MK1 Lug Nut Caps - 4 Pack

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Does your classic look junky due to missing lug nut caps on your OEM Toyota wheels? Mine did, but now it is less-junky because I designed and printed these replacement lug nut caps!

Seriously though, I did some pretty extensive Googling to try to find these online before I took the time to make my own. The design is based on dimensions from measuring an original cap and they snap in the top of the lug nut nicely.

These will come in a 4 pack. If you just need one cap, you will still get 4. Why? because every time I remove a wheel on this car at least one of the factory caps falls off. So keep the rest and throw them in the glove box for next time one falls off.

These were designed and 3D printed in house at our shop in Kansas. Because they are 3d printed, they have a slight pattern on them. If that bugs you a quick sanding and/or coat of paint should get them dialed in nicely. In my case, my car is a driver not a show car so I was fine with them just the way they are and think they look great!

1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 Toyota MR2 MK1 AW11 4A-GE 3A-LU


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